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Well we had another fabulous weekend at Grand Lake with a gentle rain Saturday morning, which didn’t stop our Market, followed by a nice cool down.

Yep, almost like an early fall.

No one has any idea what it is going to do in the coming weeks, but I’m going to enjoy every minute of this awesome weather!!!

So we had some rain, not a good soaker, but finally, some rain.

The ground is still so dry so Sunday afternoon I went to The Artichoke and did a thorough watering.

I had been noticing that the tomato foliage was being eaten from the top, a strong indication of hornworms, but I hadn’t taken the time to deal with it.

Blue Daze flowers in Oklahoma

They are not easy to find because they look like a leaf. So while I watered, I looked for them. It took a bit, but I began to find them.

Now let me say this, I got to the point this summer that I would pick off squash beetles with my bare hands.

As soon as I hit the squash with water, they would start climbing to the top if the plant, making it easy to pick them off and drop them into my cup of hot soapy water.

Now hornworms are a different story.

They are big, fat, juicy caterpillars and you would not want to squish them.

So I put on latex gloves and got after the task.

The first one didn’t want to let go of the branch.

I pulled and pulled to the point I thought I was going to squash him before he finally came loose!

After that, I just took the whole stem with the hornworm on it and stuffed it in the foam cup.

No hot soapy water on these guys…they might explode or something. Gross!!

Come and see us at the Saturday Market. Only two more weekends!

Enjoy the earth! Diana