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Happy Autumn! And it finally feels like it with much cooler temperatures and much needed rain.

We were in OKC Monday until about 3:00 and it rained off and on all day.

Then we drove through a mix of drizzle, mist and light fog the entire way home.

Well, Jim did the driving and I tried not to watch.

We were definitely ready for a martini when we got home!

So I think the summer-like weather is finally over, but there is still a lot in the garden that is finishing up.

We pick tomatoes and jalapeños about every other day.

Oklahoma garden fresh in November

Jon Ann is harvesting some gorgeous red and yellow bell peppers from her garden that she has available to sell at The Artichoke on weekend nights.

So I made another awesome batch of fresh salsa with home grown ingredients.

For tips on how to make fresh salsa, go HERE.

FYI, Jon Ann also has farm fresh eggs available.

Well we survived the time change and the election week, and now we can settle into the fall season.

The leaves are starting to turn and beginning to fall on the ground.

Hopefully we will get some fall color before it is all over.

It’s time for warm socks, a nice cup of hot tea and a crackling fire in the fireplace and a break from those garden chores.

Just another way to…Enjoy the earth! Diana