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Well the beautiful fall foliage is “leaving” quickly, and with a little help from the blustering north and south winds.

So now the holidays are upon us.

Thanksgiving is a time for us to look around us, and observe the incredibly beautiful lakes we get to enjoy, both Grand Lake and Lake Hudson.

So let’s forget about gardening this week and talk about eating. Artichoke with Butter

Jim and I rarely treat ourselves to an artichoke. So Monday night, we decided to indulge.

Oh My Goodness! It is no wonder we sell so many.

This is a vegetable that is so healthy and so tasty and fun to eat.

We recommend to eat them with drawn butter and lemon.

But don’t forget other to try fresh vegetables with your Thanksgiving this year.

The stores have lots of Brussel sprouts, fresh green beans, squashes, peppers, onions, etc…the point is more fresh vegetables, less processed vegetables.

Just a reminder, The Artichoke will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday and will re-open Tuesday, the 29th.

Have a great Thanksgiving and eat your vegetables!!!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana