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Hey Grand Lakers!

The beautiful weather continues and so far we are enjoying an early spring.

Garden bed before cleaning

And how about that storm Monday night?

I wish we could see a few more of those in the coming weeks. We desperately need rain folks!!

I got lucky on that storm.

I had spent Monday morning in the gardens, finally, and cleaned out the vegetable garden, the boat garden and the wheel barrow.

I had to work slow because of my back issues, but I got them all cleaned out and planted some baby broccoli and kale plants and got all of my potatoes planted.

I watered everything in, but the overnight rain gave it a good drink.

Thanks Mother Nature!

So at this point you should have the asparagus cut back and it will start producing right away.

All the cool season crops should be planted and seeded.

Roses can be pruned back, but don’t cut them back more than 1/3 to 1/2.

Crape Myrtles can be cut back to get all the seed pods from last year off and to control size.

Garden bed after cleaning

Don’t cut on your Hydrangias!

Most of them bloom on old wood and you will be cutting the blooms off. I know the sticks are ugly, but mine is already starting to leaf out on those ugly sticks.

It is tempting to put the plants we have over wintered out on the porch, but we aren’t through with temperatures in the 30’s yet.

If you put a few out when we have a warm spell, just remember you may have to, no, you will likely have to bring them back in when temperatures dip.

Meanwhile…Enjoy the Earth! Diana