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We’ve been so lucky this summer with pleasant weather, but the heat is coming on so we really have to start watching for those pests.

Starting with the Crape Myrtles we just trimmed up last week.

After working on the Crapes at home I went to the restaurant and the Crape Myrtles around the kitchen all had signs of aphids.

The signs are sticky leaves, which is basically aphid poop. Trimmed Crape Myrtles

Aphids are on the bottom side of the leaf and their goo lands on the top of the leaves.

So instead of spraying with chemicals, I hosed all the foliage with a hard spray of water, tops and bottoms.

That cleans off the goo on top and knocks the aphids off the bottoms.

Do this once or twice a week and it will keep your Crape Myrtles healthy.

We haven’t seen squash beetles yet because they don’t like cool and wet. But with the dry and hot weather, they will start showing up.

Our squash plants at the restaurant are the best we have ever had this year.

The leaves are so big and full that it would take a lot of beetles to kill the plants.

So the minute I see a beetle, or signs of eggs, I will start picking them off and hopefully they won’t destroy my plants.

Also watch for white fly on the tomato and cucumbers.

They are teenie tiny white flecks on the foliage.

Again, a hard spray of water will knock most of them off so if done frequently, you can avoid using chemicals.

We have had a nice selection of veggies at the Saturday Market with grass fed beef, eggs and tamales and baked goods.

We open at 9:00 so come and see us!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana