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Well another week of crazy weather.

I was concerned about those mid-20’s temperatures but it didn’t seem to phase all the blooms that are out.

It must not have stayed that low for very long, thank goodness.

So we will just keep swinging from freezing to 80 and back again until spring is here for real.

So I found some of the early spring plants we have discussed, broccoli, cabbage, kale, cauliflower…so it is a matter of getting them planted, and my potatoes and onions aren’t in the ground yet.

I have been dealing with pain issues for one, and I’ve been busy covering Jim’s absence at the restaurant and then our cook was out last weekend.

Yes, I had to cook behind the line Friday and Saturday night. Yikes!

But the vegetables will get planted, one way or another.

It will be interesting to see how spring plays out.

I don’t remember ever seeing Forsythia, Bradford Pear, Flowering Quince and Spiraea completely bloomed out in February.

At the rate we are going, we will be seeing Crape Myrtles starting their bloom in May rather than summertime.

The one thing we haven’t had an abundance of is rain, so with everything popping up early, don’t forget to water.

And we better start weeding because they are thriving out there!

Hold on to your seats, it’s gardening time!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana