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Is this the craziest November you’ve ever seen? Mother Nature can’t seem to make up her mind on the weather.

I hate to whine because all my ferns still look great, the petunias are still blooming, I’m still picking tomatoes, and I haven’t brought in plants off the porches yet.

But really, 79 degrees again this week, then a high of 56 on Sunday?

fall color at Grand Lake

Anyway, it is looking like we will finally get to see some fall color change. There are pops of yellows and burgundies showing up among the green.

Who knows, this may be the prettiest leaf turn we have ever had.

The leaves are definitely beginning to fall too so the rakes and leaf blowers are going to get a workout soon.

It isn’t good for your lawn to be covered in leaves even though the grass will be dormant soon, so either mulch them with a mower or rake them up.

I almost forgot, was that the most gorgeous full moon this week!!

It was a supermoon, which means it was the closer to the earth than it has been for many years making it look 14 percent bigger.

The actual time was Monday the 14th, in fact it was so bright in the wee hours of the morning Tuesday that I almost had to close the curtains so I could get back to sleep!

According to NASA, the next time the moon will make a similar approach will be in 2034 so I hope you caught this one.

Mother Nature may be wishy-washy on the weather, but she sure can give us some spectacular moon shots!

Enjoy the earth! Diana