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We are already at the end of October!! Holy cow! And I just picked some more vine ripened tomatoes this week. Crazy, huh?

So it is that time of year to start making decisions on which potted plants you want to bring inside for the winter.

The temperatures are getting cooler, especially overnight.

High 40’s won’t hurt any of your plants, but they can’t tolerate it for very long.

So this week’s fall chore is cleaning up the plants before bringing them in.

This is another chore I do not like to do, but it is a must.

Having been outside all summer, the plants will likely have some sort of pest that you don’t want to bring into the house.

What I do is group all the pots in an area close to the hose and spray the entire plant down with a pretty good stream of water.

Be sure to get the tops and bottoms of the leaves.

Then do the same with the pots and saucers as they have been out there collecting spiders and dirt also.

You can even use a bucket of soapy water to clean them as a mild dish soap will not hurt the plants.

Once you have all that done, let the plants dry in the sun, then they are ready to go inside.

The water is going to be cold so I highly recommend choosing a sunny day to do this one!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana