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Well it looks like our fall weather is going to be as crazy as the summer was.

After a week of 70’s and low 80’s, now we are going to hit 90-ish this weekend!

Good grief! It’s back to summertime…again! Oh well, the tomatoes will love it.

Speaking of tomatoes, I finally took the time to clean my plants up.

They are still producing tomatoes so it is worth the effort to keep them healthy. Cleaned out tomato plants

After a long summer, there are lots of brown branches all over them.

Not only is it unpleasant to look at, but it also creates the possibility of diseases.

It is a pain in the neck, but check out the and after pictures of my plants. What a difference!

So in the process of clean up, I knocked off a few green tomatoes.

I hate it when that happens!

I’m not a big fan of fried green tomatoes, plus it makes a mess cooking them.

And they take forever to ripen and are never as tasty as vine ripened.

So I decided to try something different.

We have been grilling okra this summer and it is as good as fried okra, so why not try green tomatoes.

I sliced them up along with some onion slices, tossed it all in olive oil, seasoned well with sea salt and pepper and threw them on the grill with our steak.

The green tomato and onions together were delicious!

Well, there is another healthier way to eat your vegetables! Enjoy the Earth! Diana