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What is up with this crazy weather???

We finally turned on the heat Friday night and now we are pushing eighty degrees again!

Glad I didn’t rip out the tomato plants yet, nor did I get the potted plants brought in either.

Frankly, it was too cold last week to be getting wet so this week will be perfect for that chore.

Can you tell how much I dislike that job since I’ve talked about it for a month and still haven’t done it?

Well, I know you are sick of hearing about it, but I went out to the garden at The Artichoke and picked tomatoes Saturday. A lot of tomatoes!

So many that we offered a plate of sliced tomatoes as a salad option Saturday night.

That colander in the picture is huge and it was full.

Fall harvest tomatoes at the Artichoke

And there are tons more and they will probably continue to ripen with this crazy weather.

I’m not complaining, just amazed. OK, no more talk of tomatoes…

So how about garden creatures like spiders, butterflies, worms, bees and frogs?

Seems like there has been an abundance of bees and butterflies for this time of year, but there are still so many things blooming.

The basil plants are looking terrible, but there are so many things buzzing on their blooms that I hate to pull them out.

And the frogs are still hanging around since they haven’t been hit with a frost yet, and there are still plenty of bugs for them to eat. Frogs are so cute.

And has anybody noticed that the spiders have been busy for the last month?

You have to be careful before you walk out the door because you might walk into a spider web. We have a big one across the sliding door in the bedroom with a big fat spider in the middle that I need to deal with.

Thank goodness I spotted it before someone walked through it, like me!

But they are kind of pretty. I saw a perfectly shaped web on a stop sign all covered in dew.

So, we should try to embrace the beauty of all the garden creatures because it won’t be long before they are gone for the winter!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana