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Well here we are after a two week spell of having to water every day to keep the gardens alive, and now we get another cool down for the weekend.

Sweeeet! I can’t remember seeing an 80 degree day in August, but I love it!

In spite of the diligent watering, some of my stuff is just stressed.

But it will pay off when it cools down in September and those ugly tomatoes make new leaves and start producing again.

So, talk about not looking so good, the Hydrangeas definitely dislike the heat.

To clean them up, start by cutting the ugly blooms off at the end of the stems. There are lots of ugly leaves but don’t cut the stem off!

I just removed the worst looking leaves because there are new leaflets growing out from those ugly leaves.

Pretty butterflies

Will they bloom again when it cools down? I don’t know, but most Hydrangeas bloom on old wood so even if they don’t bloom again this season, you might be cutting off next year’s blooms.

While I was out in the garden this week I noticed all kinds of activity with bees, butterflies, wasps, lizards, even a little frog jumped out of one of the beds at the restaurant.

I was getting mint for the restaurant and half of the bed of mint we let bloom out and it was covered in honey bees, bumble bees, big and little wasps and big and little butterflies.

It was awesome!

At the risk of being stung by something, I got a great picture of one of the bigger butterflies that had beautiful markings.

Actually the bees and wasps usually won’t bother you if you just go about your weeding or watering and don’t bat at them or scream and run.

I’ve been buzzed at, but haven’t been stung…yet.

All of these busy little creatures are important to the garden for pollination.

Another discovery was the caterpillars eating my parsley.

Well, you know, that is just how it is.

There is enough parsley for both of us because the plants were healthy enough, and they will turn into a butterfly of some sort, who will then flutter around the garden pollinating stuff…and so it goes.

Come and see us at the Market. We were there even with the drizzle last week and were quite busy. The okra is plentiful and in spite of being small, the tomatoes are delicious!

Enjoy the earth! Diana