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How about those thunder storms this week? We need the moisture, especially when there is still so many things growing out there.

The fall veggie garden is doing great!

We’ve had broccoli and soon we will have Brussels sprouts, chard, snap peas and potatoes. So that is what is going on outside.

Meanwhile, all the tropical plants have finally been brought inside, among them my three fruit trees.

Now, if you have been reading my column very long, I’m sure you will recall my complaining about the Meyer Lemon tree.

Meyer Lemon Tree at Grand Lake OK

In three plus years I have seen maybe two lemons.

So the trees are in our bedroom since it has big windows and a slider facing south for maximum sun.

The Calamondin orange is doing great, as usual…there is fruit almost ready to pick, some that are green, some tiny ones and tons of new blooms.

That is what both the citrus trees are supposed to do, have different stages of production going all the time.

The Meyer Lemon has barely even bloomed in the past, let alone make a lemon.

Until now!!

It did great outside this year and now it is about to explode with blooms.

Surely out of forty or fifty blooms it will make some lemons, right? I’m so excited!

Anyway, if we can stand the aroma of all these citrus blooms in the bedroom, we will get to enjoy some citrus over the winter. Yippee!

So what about the third tree? Well, the avacado tree bloomed a little this summer but never made fruit.

It is supposed to produce from April to November.

It is also the best it has ever been so if I can keep it healthy through the winter, which isn’t easy, then maybe next year…

Enjoy the Earth! Diana