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Garden to pan Oklahoma veggiesOK. I hate this heat!!! It takes such a toll on everything.

We were in a hurry to leave for Tulsa Monday morning and skipped watering one garden area.

When we got back about 3:00, everything was weeped out and looked half dead.

I watered thoroughly, even though there were rain predictions, and it took a while, but most everything perked up.

It is hard on the plants to go through that, which is why watering is so important.

So, after eight days of excessive heat, the rain was a welcome sight Tuesday.

A nice two day reprieve, but we are right back to the heat again so here are some tips on watering.

  • Water in the morning, as early as you can, so the plants can absorb the water into the root system and help survive the hot afternoon.
  • If you can’t water in the morning, water whenever you can, because anything is better than nothing.
  • Keep the water more on the soil than the plant so the roots will get the benefit. This is even more important if you water in the evening because there is a higher risk of disease if foliage is left wet overnight.
  • It is also recommended to water deeper and longer and less often.

A drip irrigation system is the most efficient way to do this because you can turn on the water and leave it on for a couple of hours for a slow soaking.

This should be fine for the plants that are in the ground, but potted plants dry out quicker, especially if they are in the afternoon sun, so I water the pots daily.

The pots in the shade will obviously not dry out as fast as the ones in the sun, but if you aren’t sure, stick your finger in the soil and see if it is moist.

Oklahoma broccoli plant

When the heat index is 100-ish, it is hot everywhere!

I know it is frustrating trying to beat the heat, I whine every day they hit us with excessive heat warnings.

But that is the way our summers typically go in Oklahoma.

I try to be thankful for these little breaks in between because any rain we get this time of year is a gift!

Hot as it is, we still need to make plans for the fall garden.

Tomato, pepper (for fall crops) and broccoli plants can go in and seeds for squashes, beans and carrots can be planted.

My broccoli has continued to produce small amounts and the plants still look great, so I’m hoping they will stay healthy until fall and really kick out some good broccoli.

Try to stay cool, hang in there on watering, and by all means, come and see us at the Saturday Market!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana