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Wow! Talk about getting back to reality!

It wasn’t easy going from a beautiful beach, turquoise water and 81 degrees to cloudy, rainy and 18 degrees last week.

And the lake is brown and not too pretty right now…but that will change, right?

Thank goodness we have a lot of sunny days in Oklahoma and of course the lake will be pretty and blue again.

So let’s talk about Brussels sprouts. They are the popular vegetable this winter and they are in season.

They are milder than cabbage and loaded with good nutrition.

There are fresh Brussel sprouts in the produce section and they are easy to sautée in butter, with bacon or in olive oil for a healthier preparation.

As you know, I grew some in my boat garden.

With the temperatures predicted to drop into the teens last Friday I knew I had to rescue them.

So in between unpacking and doing laundry, I went out and pulled all the Brussels sprout plants, roots and all, and put them in a wheelbarrow in the garage.

I figured they would be better in there, in tact, than outside.

So Saturday, I bagged one of the plants up and took it to work and harvested all the Brussels sprouts off the stem.

That is a lot of work folks! They don’t just fall off in your hands, they have to be cut off or snapped off.

Geeez! But there was enough for the whole staff to enjoy fresh picked Brussels sprouts.

King, our chef, boiled them first to get them started cooking, then finished them in a skillet with onions and butter.


Now, if you don’t want to go to that much trouble, just buy them at the store, and even easier than that, get the frozen variety that are already in a sauce and all you have to do is microwave them.

Either way, don’t miss out on this yummy, healthy winter vegetable!!

Don’t forget you can come see us all winter long, Tuesday through Saturday, at The Artichoke!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana