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Happy September everybody!

The kids are in their groove at school by now, college football is in full swing, congrats to OU, OSU and TU, and we are having the usual mixed bag of weather for this time of year at Grand Lake.

Actually this is the best time of the year because we still have warm sunny days but the evenings cool down so you can enjoy a nice glass of wine on the porch or have your morning tea or coffee outside. AWESOME!!

This is also the time of year to add trees and shrubs to the landscape. While on that subject, let’s talk about hydrangeas.

I had many comments from customers that their hydrangeas didn’t bloom this year.

So I did some research and here is what I found.

The word “hydrangea” comes from the greek word “hydor”, meaning water, and “angos”, meaning jar or vessel, or roughly translating to “water barrell”, because the hydrangea needs plenty of water

Next, I thought hydrangeas needed plenty of shade, but actually they need sun too, and without it they won’t bloom. The further north you live, the more sun they can take, but for our climate I would stick to morning sun and afternoon shade.

Now, that isn’t always easy, but I can tell you that the one I transplanted from the west side of the house to the northeast side has doubled in size and after two years it finally bloomed.

I have two more scrawny ones that are getting moved this winter.

Pointers for adding them to your landscape:

  • Allow a 4 x 4 foot space so it can reach its full size
  • Plant new ones in early summer or late fall in well drained soil
  • Plant at the same depth it was in the pot it came in
  • Do not over water
  • If moving an existing one, do so after dormancy, very late fall or early spring
  • Plant where it will get morning sun and afternoon shade
  • Do not prune hydrangeas until you know what kind you have

The most common hydrangeas bloom on old wood, so pruning may cost you blooms. They may look like a bunch of dead sticks coming out of winter, but they will fill up with leaves and bloom if you leave them alone!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana

P.S. Saturday Market is done for the year. Thanks for your support!!

Picture Below: Check out the Boat Garden!

Boat garden doing great in September