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I hope everyone had a good Mothers Day Sunday. Mine was awesome.

Donnie and Donovin came up Saturday night and had dinner at The Choke, then Jim and Donnie fixed a delicious lunch Sunday of Grilled Salmon, asparagus from the garden and Caesar salad.

Then Jim took me to the River Spirit in Tulsa since we had a 5:30 check in for surgery the next day…yuk.

But I got a new hip for Mother’s Day so what a gift!

So they only kept me for one night in the hospital, which is fine because there is nothing like coming home to Grand Lake to recover.

We are so fortunate to live here folks!

The Boat Garden April 2017

And all that work getting the flowers planted is paying off. I am thoroughly enjoying the happiness in the garden.

Best therapy ever, right?

Speaking of planting, according to the Oklahoma Gardener magazine, you can still plant the following vegetables in May: beans (bush, Lima, pole), cucumber, eggplant, cantaloupe, okra, pepper, pumpkin, summer and winter squash, sweet potato, tomato and watermelon.

WOW, that is a lot of options there.

Once planted, mulch to cool the soil, hold in moisture and keep the weeds down.

Make sure the mulch is not touching the stems, keep it about an inch out.

You can also use the mulch to define pathways.

We got lucky this week with some gentle showers so that leaves more time to stay up with the weeding.

We are also lucky that we have several places to buy plants right here in Langley, as well as an arborist with lots of trees and landscape stuff.

And we are REAL LUCKY we have a Saturday Morning Market where you can find green onions, broccoli, garlic, lettuce, spinach, bok choy, squash, free range eggs and plenty of Sara’s Grass Fed Beef.

Come and see us from 9:00 to 1:00. Enjoy the Earth! Diana