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What a perfect Memorial Day weekend it was.

The weather turned out beautiful every day and that storm Saturday night was incredible, thunder, lightning, rain and all.

Our whole group was out on the screened in porch enjoying the lightning strikes, and the loudest thunder ever! It was so cool!

So our company came in Thursday night, Donnie, Becky and her mom, and four boys, 8,9,12 and 13 years old. No, they were not a burden, quite the opposite.

They took very good care of me and my new hip. I hardly had to lift a finger all weekend!

Friday morning the two younger ones helped water and do my gardening chores for me before they went out on the lake to play and Becky’s mom stayed in and was my driver all day so we got all my errands done!

Not only that, I got to spend plenty of time outside in the sunshine.

Everything is just exploding out there!

Hydrangeas at Grand Lake

The hydrangea blooms are looking gorgeous and the foliage is nice and green.

A couple of years ago I started letting the petunias seed out at the end of the season, and now there are petunias popping up everywhere!

The dahlias I planted are sprouting up and the day lilies are blooming like crazy.

And all the flowers I planted three weeks ago are doing great.

So I’m sure you are enjoying the same in your gardens, and with all this activity going on out there, we need to remember that the plants need their energy to keep producing all those gorgeous blooms.

So while they are working hard, start a regimen of fertilizing them every two weeks, gardens and pots.

And if you have a pot that has kind of pooped out, cut it back, give it a little fertilizer and it should snap out of it in a week or so.

I recommend MiracleGro All Purpose Fertilizer, the blue stuff you mix with water, because it is easy to use.

Summer is here and The Saturday Market is doing great so come and shop with us before your go to the grocery store! Saturday 9:00 to 1:00. Enjoy the Earth! Diana

P.S. Happy 70th Birthday to Jim, May 31st. I couldn’t ask for a better husband!