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Well the cool wet spring sure greened everything up, but it looks like we are in for some summer weather…finally!

That is a good thing for the lake because the water is still pretty cool. For us gardeners, it means the warm weather crops should start taking off. Come on tomatoes!! We are ready for it!

The tomatoes may be behind schedule except for the Sun Sugars, but the squashes are not (we had some beautiful squash at the Saturday Market).

And I am getting plenty of jalapeño peppers.

Monday I picked some green beans, so I pulled up an onion and dug up a couple of potatoes and sautéed the chopped onion with some bacon, added the green beans and cubed potatoes and a little water. Seasoned with salt and pepper. It was delicious!

So it is time to stop harvesting the asparagus. Bummer!! But they need to be left to sprout out their big green fronds to absorb energy for next year’s crop. Don’t be greedy or you won’t get a good crop next year.

The fronds need to be left to grow the rest of the year. And do not cut them back until mid-February!

You must come and see us at the Saturday Market. Along with fresh vegetables, we have plenty of eggs, beef, pork, hummus, and homemade tamales!

And beautiful handcrafted sterling jewelry and pottery. Enjoy the Earth!