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Well it is turning out to be a wonderful summer here at Grand Lake.

I hope everyone is enjoying the perfect weather we are having…knock on wood. I hope I don’t jinx us with Mother Nature.

Anyway, there are lots of things blooming everywhere! Trimmed Crape Myrtles

And the Crape Myrtles are popping out like crazy. They love the heat so they are happy campers right now.

So the Crapes are loaded with blooms on top, but they probably have some unwanted growth at the bottom.

Unless it is a dwarf or ground cover Crape, it is about this time of summer that they need a good grooming.

If you look at the base of the plant you will probably see a bunch of suckers and unsightly growth that is hiding their beautiful trunks.

Crapes are a multi-trunk tree so you have to keep removing those suckers and branches that clutter up the base of the plant.

First clean up the suckers coming out of the very bottom of the plant at ground level.

Then start working your way up pruning off the smaller twigs so the beautiful bark can be seen.

It takes a little time (I spent a couple of hours Monday cleaning all of ours up), but this will help the Crape become a tree rather than an unkempt bush.

And you may have to do it again before the summer is over because those little sprouts keep coming up at the base.

Check out the pictures below.

We are still having a great time at the Saturday Market. We open at 9:00 so come and see us!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana

These Crapes are too close together and getting overgrown…

Crape Myrtles before trimming


But after trimming some branches…


Cut Crape Myrtles Branches


You are left with this:


Trimmed Crape Myrtles


Check out the base on this one before trimming:


Crape Myrtle needs trimming


And look how clean that bark is now!


Crape Myrtle smooth bark base