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Welcome to the summer season at Grand Lake!

The holiday weekend turned out to be pretty nice since they were predicting a lot of rain.

Our group got plenty of time on the water so the grandsons could go tubing.

They even went out Monday when it was overcast and misty. They had the lake to themselves but they had to warm up in our hot tub when they were through!

The garden is coming right along in spite of cooler than normal temperatures.

Bolting Onions Oklahoma garden

We have a bunch of onions that are ready so I need to get them harvested and processed.

I had a lot of my onions shoot up blooms this year, which is called “bolting”. This is usually caused by a cool and wet spring, which we have had this year.

That doesn’t mean the onion is not good. It just won’t make as big a bulb because it spent the energy making a flower instead of the bulb.

So what do you do with them?

First, snip off the bloom or they will get woody. They will not get any bigger but you can leave them in the ground until you are ready to use them. And use them first because they will not store well.

The onions that did not bolt can be harvested when they are the size you want.

Let them dry out in a cool dry place for about a week, then they can be stored.

I space them out between layers of newspaper in a box and they will last several weeks.

The vegetables are becoming more and more plentiful at the Saturday Market.

Lettuce, chard, spinach, onions, turnips, broccoli, cabbage, baby squash with blossoms, snap peas, potatoes, honey, beef, pork, eggs and much more.

Come and see us! Enjoy the Earth!