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Whaaaat??? September? Labor Day Weekend is here? Well maybe so but that doesn’t mean summer fun is over.

Mother Nature brought the heat back on so we may be in for several more weeks of playtime on Grand Lake. Right?

Although I sure was enjoying that cooler weather….

So The Artichoke will be full to the brim this weekend so let’s talk about artichokes.

The artichoke is a type of thistle that is cultivated for food. The edible part of the plant is the flower buds before they go into bloom.

Check out this blooming artichoke!

Artichoke in bloom

It is considered a vegetable and has more antioxidants and dietary fiber than other super foods.

It also has potassium, vitamin K, folic acid, and more, benefiting the brain, liver, cholesterol, and blood pressure. What’s not to love about that!

A lot of folks ask if we grow artichokes, and the answer is, no.

First of all we sell so many we would need a twenty acre farm to stay up with the demand and I don’t want to work that hard.

The other reason is our weather is not conducive to grow them, without a lot of luck.

Artichokes like cool moist summers and mild winters in order to be a perennial, and that is not likely in Oklahoma.

Most of the ones we purchase come from Ocean Mist in California and we have actually toured their facility there.

I like to see how people eat them and how they discard their leaves.

Some just put the leaves in a big pile, some are shingled out like a flower, and some are just accidentally layed out to look like a work of art.

Check out the pictures I have snapped at the restaurant.

However you like your artichokes, now you know all the benefits of eating them.

For all the scoop, go to oceanmist.com.

This is the last weekend of the market. The tamale lady should be back, Sara has plenty of beef, I will have hummus, beets and Greek yogurt, and there will be jewelry and pottery too!

Enjoy the earth! Diana

Artichoke at the Artichoke